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Ebony Devils

The Ebony Devils is an all female squad that serves as Esmeralda la Fiore's bodyguards. They travel on her main ship, the Lady of the Night, and are highly trained mercenaries from all walks of life. Some of them were former soldiers, others were freelance mercenaries looking for something more, and a select few were contract killers for the rich. They don themselves in predominantly black and magenta carnival outfits and masks, their gear accented by rose gold trims.   As Esmeralda's power and reputation continued to grow, the bounty on her head increased significantly. She became the prime target for many bounty hunters, clerics, and even other pirates. Fearing that they might succeed in ending her life, she hired several elite combatants to serve as her bodyguards. Over time, Esmeralda's fleet grew and so did her personal squad of killers. The old crew on her ship were replaced with members of the Ebony Devils, ensuring that those on the Lady of the Night were completely loyal to her. The old crew wasn't entirely abandoned though and was dispersed among her fleet.



The Black Devils currently sits at fifty women for combat and thirty extra that are specialists in their fields. These includes siege experts, battle mages, and arcane archers. Fifteen women tend to support roles such as healers, animal handlers, and tacticians. Another fifty five are tasked with maintaining the ship and tending to its duties. Those in these roles fall under a structure commonly seen on most ships, such as having a quartermaster, pilot, and carpenters.


They attack at night without trouble due to their crew consisting of races with darkvision. Their archers and mages hang back to provide support fire while their most agile fighters head to the front lines to distract and demoralize their opponents. While they keep the enemy busy, the hard hitters of the crew move in to encircle the enemy forces before delivering blows to their back or flank. They don't deal with stragglers because killing a single person isn't enough to cripple the enemy, so they focus on taking out as many enemies as possible with this maneuver.


Vigorous combat training is needed to even be noticed by the Ebony Devils. A member has to be experienced even before joining because they don't wish to be teachers and deal with the risks that come with rookie fighters on the battlefield. Every woman must carry her weight and perform exceptionally at all times. Depending on the severity of a mistake made, it can either cost them their freedom or their life.



Recruitment into their ranks is an invitation only extended to the best of the best. Ebony Devils must be women, trans women included, and have skills that are above and beyond her peers. Those brought into the crew are to make a blood pact with Esmeralda and the senior members of the Ebony Devils.
Overall training Level
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