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Kren Heir's guard

Governing Kren is not exactly a birthright, but more often than not, one or more descendants of a ruler train to become the successor. They are called heirs and each one of them is protected by a special team that will, in due time, become the first army they lead.   If the heir is too young to understand tactics or approve a guard, he is protected by an Early Guard, that may or may not be changed or reformed later.



According to circumstances and the specific skills of each guard, different weapons are used, particularly close combat weapons and magical skills.   Each team is different, and so are their weapons, but magical skills are often included. Short range weapons are preferred, but not the only option.


Bodyguards, in particular, practice defense and counterattack tactics that suit their particular skills and are approved by the current ruler and the heir—once he's old enough.   Predetermined tactics apply for sudden attacks or situations when they detect an enemy without the chance to inform the heir to let them lead the fight on time. For everything else, the tactics are determined by the heir, who is expected to lead their guards without unnecessarily risking their own life.



Traditionally, Heir's Guard members are chosen by the current ruler, from a long list of volunteering warriors that had proved their loyalty and skills as members of other squads. They have to complete whatever challenges the ruler demands as well as a rigorous training process, before they are even introduced to the heirs, who may demand new trials or immediately ask to have that warrior at their service. If more than one heir asks for the same guard, the warrior can choose who to serve.   There had been several exceptions, for instance:
  • Esorsia didn't hire any building guards for his heirs, he just gave that task to some of the palace guards.
  • Carsia's Guard was formed by her tutors—her Trusted was the one in charge of teaching her diplomacy.
  • Diraid's bodyguards were immortals chosen from between the public and barely trained for anything other than shielding her.
  • Emnaid's Trusted was a half Oghan soldier who didn't exactly apply to the job. He wasn't experienced enough and hadn't had the chance to prove loyalty until he protected the boy when his Early Guard was unable to do it.
  • Imeil and Suareil share several warriors, including their Trusted and one of their bodyguards.
  • Early Guards can become the permanent guard if the heir decides so.
  While only the ruler can choose a new element, an heir can easily fire them or suggest a candidate.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Standard Elements
fTrusted guardsf

3-10 in turns of one or two people.

fBuilding guardsf
Teams of 8-10 members

fPublic Guardf
Teams of 5-8 members


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