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Durpari Airlancers

Airlancers are elite veterans of the Durpari Lancers, the light cavalry of the Durpari Army. Each is mounted on a pegasus is bonded to that soldier alone, and they are striking figures. They wear snow-white leather armour under white robes, and are armed with slashing scimitars, lightweight lances, and a variety of ranged weapons.   Airlancers are based in the towns of Bralizzarand Khetom, on the north and south edges respectively of the Desert of Desolation, and in the Oasis of the White Palm in the centre of the desert. They are tasked with escorting caravans through the desert, and flying out to find lost caravans and travellers. A squad also forms the ceremonial guard of the Mukhtar, or town head, of each settlement in which they are based. This duty rotates through the unit, and is assigned as easy duty to units which have just completed caravan guard rotations.   Flying in ten-man squads, the Airlancers assume a V-formation made of three 3-rider Vs, with the tenth rider out in front as a scout. They each bear lightweight lances, and the squad leader in the front V bears a unit pennon. This is a sky-blue field with a circle comprised of seven white stars, representing the original seven major Durpari settlements they were created to guard. The squad leader sends orders to the unit with a hunting horn, which carries clearly through the still air of the desert.   In addition to their lances and scimitars, each Airlancer carries a long dagger on their hip, and ranged weapons to harry enemies and monsters from a distance. This depends on the personal preference of the soldier, and is usually either a shortbow or a bundle of javelins, carried in a quiver just ahead of the saddle. Their pegasi are trained to carry out swooping fly-by attacks, and their speed and agility is a key part of their tactics.   The ceremonial guard units are well-known, and are a popular spectacle at formal events. Each pegasus' mane is brushed into a shimmering waterfall, hooves polished until they shine, and white hide brushed until it gleams as they prance through the town, bearing their stone-faced riders, weapons and accoutrements glittering in the sun.   In the town of Bralizzar, an important waystation for the trading caravans which pass through the desert, the Airlancer command and the ceremonial unit are based in the Raj, the main administrative building for the region. The building also forms the home of Mukhtar Alham Burak, the elderly town chief. Mukhtar Burak is well-respected by the townspeople, and the Airlancers ensure that newcomers share that respect.   Airlancer Captain Ashuk Masani commands all the Airlancers in the region of the Desert of Desolation. He also personally commands the Bralizzar garrison, including the regular army Lancers, which are horse-mounted light cavalry. The garrison also forms the constabulary of Bralizzar, in addition to carrying out military patrols of the area around Bralizzar, flying sweeps over the desert and escorting caravans. Captain Masani is scrupulously honest and fair, and expects his soldiers to be the same. They successfully strive to emulate him, and as a result the unit is held in great regard by the townspeople. The unit as a whole is fanatically loyal to their captain.

Character flag image: Airlancer Insignia by Nathan Turner


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