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The Raj (Raa-hzh)

Located on top of a hill overlooking the T-shaped intersection of the two main roads in Bralizzar, the Raj is an imposing four-storey white building. The seat of government for Bralizzar, and by extension the entire area, it serves as a combination of town hall, law court, meeting space, garrison and living space for the town chief, his family and retainers, and the Durpari Lancer and Airlancer units which serve the area as both military protection and constabulary.
  The main trade road through Bralizzar runs north-to-south, and the town's main boulevard stretches away from it at right angles. The hill topped by the Raj sits at the head of the boulevard, on the other side of the trade road, and the Raj has a commanding view across the entire town. The boulevard stretches the width of the entire town, anchored by the Raj at one end and the smaller hill crowned by the Temple of Anu, god of the Durpari people, at the other.
  The Raj is surrounded by a wide veranda around the ground floor, and a pair of Lancers stand guard duty beside the wide front doors. Airlancer-Captain Ashuk Masani, head of the garrison and regional military commander, can often be seen standing on the veranda keeping watch on the town.
  Entering the double doors, visitors are greeted by a wide desk with an aide of the town Mukhtar seated behind it, and another Lancer standing guard. Doors to the left open into a large room with a gently curved table at the head, where the Mukhtar and the town's leading elders hold town meetings, preside over court sessions, and discuss matters of import to Bralizzar which have arisen.
  Doors to the right open into the offices of the town's administrative staff and meeting rooms which can be used when necessary. Behind the main desk, a wide stairway curves up from the ground floor to the first floor, where the garrison is housed. Sixty soldiers are quartered here, divided between Lancer cavalry and Airlancer pegasus riders, including the Captain and his staff.
  The floor above holds the armoury, training rooms, personal offices of the Captain and Mukhtar, and similar administrative rooms, while the top floor is reserved for Mukhtar Alham Burak, his family and personal servants.
  Sweeping gardens line the sides of the Raj, while behind the building are concealed a training yard and the stables for the horses and pegasi, who are tended by devoted stablehands and grooms.
  Although court sessions are conducted in the Raj, it does not contain prison cells: a small building a short distance across the town holds a handful of cells when required. It does not see very much use, as the town's precarious existence on the edge of the inhospitable desert means that punishment is often draconian when a crime is sufficiently severe to merit more than restitution to the people in the form of community service or the like. Crimes of sufficient severity may be met with exile or death when merited.
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