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Inn of the Golden Palm

The Inn of the Golden Palm is one of the best-appointed and most prosperous inns in Bralizzar. It is so named for the small tiles throughout the building with golden palm trees upon them.   The Inn is run by Tekuna Chand, a woman approaching fifty years old who still has the grace and balance of a dancer.   Like many of the best building in Bralizzar, the Inn of the Golden Palm was once a temple. It was built to revere Sunpyrion, until it was forcibly deconsecrated by the monotheistic Durpari, who will not permit worship of any deity other than their own Anu. Signs of its former purpose remain in its structure, invisible to the oblivious Durpari but obvious to Sunpyrion's faithful.   The floor ground has sturdy marble tiles, and the dome over the main room is surmounted by a lion's face with a blazing sun-halo for a mane - one of the symbols of Sunpyrion.   ** Food **   ** Guests **
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