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Sunpyrion is revered as the archetype of justice, protection, nobility, and honour, and his paladins and clerics in white, gold and red travel throughout the Sundered Lands carrying out his will. Injustices are righted, the oppressed are freed, and the downtrodden raised up in his name. To follow him is to look after those who cannot look after themselves.   Sunpyrion's church is based in Pyria, where it was founded by a group of the faithful who left Azoria, but it is found throughout the Sundered Lands. The churches provide support for the needy and act as a base for the squads of militia which defend the local area, raised in times of need such as when cults or bandits attack the area.   Alignment. The god of Light is Lawful Good, although he does not hold all his followers to the same standard: his church welcomes any good-aligned individuals.

Divine Domains

Clerics of Sunpyrion are usually granted powers and spells from the domains of Life, Light, and Order.   Portfolios. Sunpyrion holds the portfolios of Light, Courage, Leadership, and Resistance to Evil. His negative aspect is Overwhelming Pride or Hubris.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Depiction. Sunpyrion is often shown as a paladin in golden armour, with a halo of light obscuring his face, or as a sun disc with rays of flame emanating from it. Braziers in his churches have metal halos worked in the shapes of flames, and ceremonial altars have grooves in the shape of the flaming sun-disc ready to be filled with oil before being set alight.

Tenets of Faith

  • Be a paragon of honour and justice, leading by example of worthiness.
  • Smite evil wherever it is found, yet show compassion to those who strayed from righteousness.
  • Defend the weak, bring freedom to the persecuted, and protect the ideals of justice and order.
  • Bring light to the darkness.


The church of Sunpyrion celebrates his holy day on the summer solstice, at the height of the longest day of the year. This usually falls on the twenty-first day of the sixth month. Celebrations involve feasts where all are welcomed, both inside the churches and in the homes of wealthier worshippers. Food and clothing is gifted to the needy, and services are held at dawn and midday, involving rituals such as burning sweetly-scented oils and herbs.
Illustration of a sun disc with flames radiating out from it on a parchment background
Burning Solar Disc of Sunpyrion by Marina Shalyapina


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