Knights of the Flame

The Knights of the Flame are an order of crusading paladins who serve Sunpyrion. They are headquartered in the Grand Cathedral in Taliara¬†and have chapter-houses and granges scattered across the Sundered Lands.   Individual paladins rove across the Sundered Lands searching out corruption, evil, and injustice, and using the powers granted by their god to right wrongs. The guards of any temple of Sunpyrion and many good-aligned faiths will automatically obey the orders of a Knight of the Flame, and City Watchmen in many lands also tend not to question their orders. The Watchmen's civilian superiors usually do not publicly question the Knight's orders, for fear of questions being raised about why they are attempting to interfere in battles against evildoers.   Although they travel alone or with a single squire, every paladin is gifted with leadership abilities in both war and peace. Their commanding presence rallies and encourages the fearful and downtrodden, and their martial skills ensure loyalty and determination in the warriors they lead. The paladins are hailed as heroes wherever they travel, for the common folk know that a Knight is as likely to order a lord to cease oppressing the commoners who serve him, as they are to defeat a plot to foster an evil cult in a city.   The order teaches its warriors to enhance their leadership skills, and each knows how to take enthusiastic but unskilled volunteers and train them to not only stand fast against dark forces, but prevail and survive. When faced with insurmountable odds or deeply-entrenched evil such as long-established cults, a paladin will rally support from locals and the nearest chapter-houses. Areas such as the Haglands, where children routinely go missing and those who stand against the hags are made into examples, are strengthened with hope when a paladin shows the men and women of the region how to defend themselves against the horrors in the night and ensure their families come home.   The Knights of the Flame's support network takes two forms: chapter-houses, and granges. A chapter-house is a small fortress or keep filled with trained warriors of various ranks, from footmen to squires and knights, all dedicated to supporting the call of a paladin when needed, and defending the granges within their aegis. A grange is a martial chapel in a village or town, where the faithful among the villagers and townsfolk are trained to defend their friends and family. In Sunpyrion's view, an honourable duel in his name is as sincere a prayer as time spent before his altar, and more likely to allow the faithful to defend the innocent.   Part of the paladins' duties are to found new granges where there is need and converts can be found. Messages sent to the nearest chapters when a suitable location is found result in grizzled retired warriors, strong in their faith and their sword-arms, who volunteer to move into the area. The new Grange-Sergeants take over the training of the locals once the paladin is called to move on to the next place in need. Members of the grange are drilled in unit combat and how to defend themselves should their homesteading be attacked before they can be reinforced.
Civilian, Knightly Order


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