Grand Cathedral

Heart of the church of Sunpyrion, the Grand Cathedral is located in the centre of Taliara overlooking the harbour bay.   The cathedral is an immense sculpture of golden-yellow stone and glass rising high above the town. The battlements and towers are shaped as if they are wreathed in flame, and the multitude of windows ensure that light streams into every nook and cranny of the building. It is covered in stained glass artworks which are the marvel of the Sundered Lands in both their number and beauty, and visitors attend throughout the year, both pilgrims and those drawn to admire the building.   As the home of the faith, it also serves as the headquarters of the Radiant Prelate, whose offices and quarters take up one of the great towers in the cathedral. Other towers are occupied by other branches of the faith, including the headquarters of the Monks of the Flame¬†and Knights of the Sun, the militant arms of the church.   The cathedral rises from the centre of Taliara, with the streets radiating out from it like rays of sunlight. The front of the building faces the Plaza of the Sun, a huge open square made of reddish-orange stone. The floor of the plaza was laid as a huge mosaic, using the same golden-yellow stones¬†as the cathedral itself to create an immense sun-face wreathed in flames. There are rumours that the Plaza itself is consecrated holy ground, the same as the cathedral, and that evil creatures cannot even set foot on it without taking harm - and that any demon which attempts to walk across the sun-face will be consumed in holy flames.   A balcony set into the front of the cathedral faces the Plaza of the Sun, and the sculpted flames and rays of light surrounding were created by master artificers to project even the slightest noise from the balcony out into the plaza. From here, the Radiant Prelate delivers sermons on the high holy days to the gathered throng. Over one hundred thousand people can stand in the plaza to hear the sermon.
Cathedral / Great temple


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