Deities of the Sundered Lands

The gods and goddesses of the Sundered Lands span the entire gamut from good to evil, and each not only has a unique alignment, but also a portfolio for which they bear special responsibility. Different sections of the population worship different deities, and each is noted for their opposing trait: those who are generally revered for their goodness have a negative trait, while the evil gods have a trait worthy of respect.  

The Sundered Lands Pantheon

Character | Jun 8, 2022

The jealous god of the Durpari merchant people ascended from a demigod to true godhood, although he possesses only a fraction of the power of the greater gods.

Character | Apr 17, 2022

The goddess Astorath symbolises love, spirit, passion, life, and wild magic. She is the goddess of life, magic, and knowledge.

Character | Jul 30, 2022

Eonnoe is the god of Law and Civilisation, representing the forces of order beating back chaos.

Character | Apr 17, 2022

The god of thieves and greed is grasping and selfish, demanding her followers take anything that others are not strong enough to hold.

Kothar the Maker
Character | Feb 17, 2022

Kothar the Maker was a demigod before he ascended to the ranks of the gods as a god of creators and healers.

Character | Jun 8, 2022

The evil god of murder, rage, ruin and destruction, Rawhn seeks an end to civilisation and freedom from the hell where the other gods imprisoned him.

Character | Sep 19, 2022

Sunpyrion is god of the sun and war-leader of the light-aligned gods of the Sundered Lands. His clerics and paladins hunt down darkness wherever it may be found.

The Changer
Character | Jun 8, 2022

The ever-changing god of secrets, deceit, and illusions known as the Changer is worshipped by thieves and spies alike.

The Parents
Character | Jul 3, 2022

The Parents are a bipartite god/dess, the male and female deity of nature, individually known as the Mother and the Father.

Character | Jul 30, 2022

The god of war and tyranny prizes order and domination above all else. The weak serve the strong and all are regimented in his service.


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