Pyria is a theocracy dedicated to Sunpyrion, the god of the sun and life. It has been closely allied with the nearby nation of Azoria since it was founded by a group of Azorian colonists and clerics.   The realm of Pyria has few truly advantageous resources to call its own. Located on a horn of land thrusting into the ocean, high mountainous peaks separate it from the body of the main continent and limit its space and expansion opportunities. While the resources are sufficient to sustain the populace, there is little left over for the future. That changed when Mage-silk was discovered, and it has become noted for its exports of the top-quality fabric and garments created from it.   The Grand Cathedral of Sunpyrion is located in the centre of the capital city, Taliara. The Radiant Prelate, leader of the Church of Sunpyrion, is one of the Council of Eleven which oversees all Pyrian affairs.


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