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Quelrem's Curiosities

Quelrem's Curiosities is located in Bralizzar in a quiet section of the bazaar, some distance from the main thoroughfare running through the town. It appears to be a dusty, dark, musty, and somewhat dingy curio shop filled with assorted bric-a-brac, and not particularly interesting. However, for those with the sight to see, an entirely different shop is visible.   The shop sign outside is painted with magical sigils only visible with mage sight, glowing brightly enough to be clearly visible from the far end of the street at midday. Inside the shop, much of the contents can be discerned as illusions covering the real stock.   The clean, open and airy shop is lined with wood and glass cabinets on the shop floor and on the walls, but even with mage sight the glass appears to be heavily smoked and the contents obscured. Only once Mita Quelrem, the illusionist proprietor, is satisfied that his customers are legitimate does he drop some of the concealments protecting his wares.   Several of the containers on the walls are actually traps for the unwary, containing a number of unpleasant defences both biological and arcane. Alarm spells protect the cabinets and the back of the shop, together with an invisible servant which does nothing but watch the store and ring a physical bell if it notices intruders or customers appearing to do anything wrong.   Quelrem has a good selection of arcane spell scrolls available for sale, and is willing to negotiate with passing spellcasters to exchange spells, particularly if the spells are rare or unique. He has a number of magic items ranging from rings to wands and a handful of potions, although he tends not to keep a large selection of stock; instead, he acts as a reseller, dealing with explorers who have made discoveries in the Desert of Desolation, or merchants who have magic items for sale but do not want to wait until they reach a large city for one reason or another.   In addition to the large shop interior, there is a passageway that leads to the back of the store, and a space that is not visible from outside - and is almost certainly larger than the store could contain. Despite this, the walled courtyard is large enough to contain a small garden filled with the scent of desert flowers, a pond sheltered by a large palm tree which is not visible from the street, and a full-size spell testing range, complete with protection and repair spells to undo spell damage.   Part of the folded space behind the shop is a storage warehouse, where Mita Quelrem stores items that have been ordered by customers until the next time they visit Bralizzar and can collect their purchases.


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