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Mita Quelrem

Mita Quelrem is the proprietor of Quelrem's Curiosities in Bralizzar. He is an illusionist of significant skill and power, but conceals himself as an ordinary shopkeeper running a curio shop. Even his shop appears as nothing more than a bric-a-brac shop unless the viewer has the ability to see magic, in which case the glow of the arcane sigils is almost blinding.   Quelrem is a tall man with a luxurious brown beard which he carefully oils and perfumes. He always wears a white turban with golden embroidery along its edges and a red feather, and usually wears layers of elaborately brocaded robes. He commonly wears a tight-fitting brown under-robe stitched with gold and with braided cord loops and knot buttons fastening the chest, and a red silk sash around his waist. Over the top is a flowing red robe worn open at the front, and red embroidery across the chest and shoulders. Golden trim edges the projecting shoulders and the wide sleeves which run down to his forearms.   He is always seen wearing thin leather gloves, to cover the burns on his hands from a fiery alchemical accident many years ago.   All of his clothing has temperature, comfort, cleaning and repair spells woven into their very fabric, and protective sigils are hidden in the embroidery. The sash conceals a leather belt with a handful of small potion vials he may require in a hurry.   Mita Quelrem acts as a go-between for individuals within the region of the Desert of Desolation and those outside, particularly those selling items they have discovered or created within the desert. He worked with Kammavar Aresan to sell the Starfall Ore her family extracted at the Aresan Starmetal Mining Camp, and received a special token from her which could be used in an emergency to lead the bearer to her hidden encampment. After he lost contact with Kammavar and her courier, he contracted a party of adventurers to use the token and discover what had befallen the Aresan family.
The wizard Mita Quelrem in red brocade robes and a turban
Mita Quelrem by Nathan Turner via PortraitWorks
Current Location
Year of Birth
950 AS 47 Years old
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