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Tekuna Chand

Nearing fifty years old, Tekuna Chand is still a fit and healthy woman able to subdue the most boisterous reveller. She has the grace and poise of a dancer, with piercing eyes, and does not suffer fools readily.  

Assassin turned Innkeeper

Few know that Tekuna Chand is a retired former assassin. Although she now lives a mostly peaceful life, she is not above using her skills to teach a lesson to rowdies who cause a persistent or repeated disruption in her business. After they have been ejected from the building, she will disappear later that night. The following morning, the rowdies will be discovered, battered and bruised but unable to identify their attacker.   Chand is still capable of a standing jump from the floor to a tabletop.  

Golden Contacts

Tekuna is a good friend of Tarrin Havenbridge, the halfling owner of The Igloo tavern in the Oasis of the White Palm. Although slow to confide in customers, if she warms up to members of the party - particularly those she recognises as rogues or assassins - she will give them a small ceramic tile with a golden palm tree upon it, as an introduction to Havenbridge.    
Current Location
Year of Birth
949 AS 48 Years old
Current Residence
Piercing pale blue
Greying, bound into a long braid
Ruled Locations

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