Durpari Lancers

The Durpari Lancers are the regular horse cavalry from which the elite Airlancers are drawn. They form the main body of the Durpari armed forces and serve alongside the Airlancers. Garrisons of at least a squad are placed in each large settlement, forming a core of defenders to protect the residents until reinforcements, particularly Airlancers, can be summoned.   The Lancers are divided into cavalry and horse- or camel-mounted infantry, who dismount to fight. Both units wear light mail underneath lightweight white robes, with officers sometimes wearing a chest-only breastplate.



Lancer units are equipped with the spears from which they draw their name, and both cavalry and infantry carry scimitars. Cavalry scimitars are much longer and more flexible to allow attacks while mounted. Small and lightweight shields are common, although infantry knowing they are going into battle will often exchange them for larger shields which offer better protection.   Cavalry units in particular will often have at least a few mounted archers armed with recurved, or composite, bows, and infantry units will have archers with slightly longer versions.
Camel archer by Dvaler
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