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PSIA Paranormal Division

When my college professor said, "You could investigate the truth behind these stories. They aren't just myths and folklore," I knew I'd apply.
— Paranormal Threat Analyst
  The Paranormal Division wants you to help protect our nation!   Have you ever encountered things you could not explain? Have you met a Yokai? Does undercover work intrigue you? Do you enjoy complex challenges? The Paranormal Division can help you launch a rewarding career.   There is an entire world beyond what you can see every day. Yokai hide among us, disguising themselves as human. Our job is to ensure there is balance and peace between the realms of the spirit beings and the humans. You'll protect human and yokai alike kind on top secret missions.  
I look forward to my work every day because my work impacts not only humankind, but the spirits that hide among us. I've even met yokai older than our country's written history. How many other people get that opportunity?
— Field Agent

Career Paths

Yokai Mediation Officer
Interspecies and inter-yokai conflicts call for specialized negotiators.
Paranormal Threat Analyst
When trouble rises with yokai, whether a single being or a group, the PSIA and government depend on the analysis and planning of these brave men and women.
Inter-department Communications Secretary
Much work with yokai is of a top secret nature and other departments need briefings.
Victim Specialist (Yokai and Human Specializations)
When altercations happen between humans and immortals, the results can be devastating. These agents work with the victims, of all species, and obtain leads on the perpetrators and put the victims in touch with local and federal agencies that can help them recover.
Magical Crimes Investigation
Crimes of ki usage have risen over the last three decades and are difficult to track. Experts in the magical arts can help track these perpetrators.
Yokai Protection Field Agent and Population Analysts
The immortal population is dwindling at a rate similar to the human Japanese population. Some yokai species are at serious risk. To avoid losing these vital spiritual populations forever, agents work in tandem to protect the vulnerable species and provide plans to preserve and help them thrive.
  And many more opportunities! Contact your prefecture's recruiter to learn more and register for the test.
Parent Organization
Ultra secretive division of the Public Security Intelligence Agency


Take the Test

Your prefecture's office can help you register.   The first part of the test consists of questions on logic, reasoning, pattern recognition, recall, knowledge of world mythology and folklore, math and science. Then you'll take a situational assessment, personality quiz and interest questionnaire, a written essay exam, a physical fitness and reaction test, and an interview.  
What to Bring
Your driver’s license or government picture ID. We will provide everything else for you, from pencils to calculators. Cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited.

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