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The Green Stable

The Green Stable were ostensibly the gladiator fighting force of Lyrissande Verbena. However, they were also her Bodyguards, Advisors, Generals, and Friends. Though the group was only together for less than 6 years, their legend will live on in Bard's Tales forever.



A variable number from start to end; it began as 6 and became 8 before the group officially disbanded on the 21st of Green Moon 3813 AC.
The members of the Green Stable included;
Lyrisade Verbena, Sidhe Spellsinger/Fochlucan, Manager
Lashyva Shadowwalker, Sluagh Oracle/Hunter, Asst Manager/Healer
Seldan Mistriver, Nunnehi Shaman/Druid, Healer/Spiritual Advisor
Thorvorik Bloodreaver, Minotaur Witch/Druid, Combat Healer
Drathnar Strongarm, Werewolf Barbarian/Gladiator, Combatant
Viktor Frostfire, Wolfen Skald/Gladiator, Combatant/Bodyguard
Valdarick (Valrik) Stormbringer, Nunnehi Spellsinger/Slayer, Combatant
Kaimalimen (Kaimen) Stormbringer, Nunnehi Warpriest/Slayer, Combat Healer


The group purchased or had made some of the finest weapons and armour ever smithed. They spared no expense in this department and the group was known to put up highly magical equipment as prizes for non-final bouts.


The stable wielded some truly frightening weaponry including Runeblades, a solid gold (mithril edged) sicle -like weapon called a Boline, a 9 kg (20 lb) Gold-headed Warmaul, and a legendary crossbow that healed whomever it shot.


The group often competed in Chariot Races (which were legal) and Valrik and Kaimen were especially good at it.


As far as the Stable was concerned, the Chain of Command went; The Gods - Lyrisande - The Rest of Them; with sometimes Lashyva, Thor, Seldan, or Kaimen being half a step up (if it really DID concern the divine).


The tactics of the group varied with the opponent and who in the group was fighting.


The Green Stable was the most renown gladiator troupe on Caer-Thun, they accepted only the best and trained like their lives depended on it (which, coincidently, it did.)


Logistical Support

The gladiators themselves were backed up by 4 magical healers, and a logistics manager par none in Lyrisande.


Historical loyalties

Historically, the Green Stable are heroes of the people of Caer-Thun and their loyalties were to the cause of Freedom from Tyranny and Oppression.
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8th of Green Moon 3808 AC
21st of Green Moon 3813 AC
Overall training Level
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