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The Salt Guard



The Salt Guard maintains a constant force of 55 individuals, with another 11 in reserve in case of injury, illness or death. Incidentally, this makes them a larger combat capable group than the Saltshore  town guard, which is made up of anywhere between 15 and 25 volunteers from the town.


Each member of the Salt Guard is issued an equipment set that they are expected to maintain through their employment as best as possible. This set includes a cross bow and bolts, a shortsword, chainmail armor, and a tabard bearing the company crest.


The salt Guard has the use of several horses, though with most of their operations being confined to the town of Saltshore, they are mostly used for ceremonial and public displays. Naricalium Cluth occasionally makes use of a custom built carriage, which the Salt Guard is tasked with operating for him.


The Guard is split into five eleven-person cells, each led by a captain. The captain of each cell is often the most veteran member of the guard, and all have sworn loyalty to the chair of the Saltshore Refining Company , Naricalium Cluth.


While nominally a security detail for the Saltshore Refining Company, the Salt Guard are skilled in many additional talents, such as espionage, interrogation, and assassination.


New members to the Salt Guard are expected to have previous combat experience, though they are given basic training to raise their proficiencies to the level required.



Prospects for the Salt Guard are expected to have prior combat experience, either with a recognized guard unit or other non-governmental orginization. After being inducted, and recieving basic training, they are placed in the reserve guard untill a slot open in one of the five cells.


Historical loyalties

On paper, the Salt Guard is sworn to protect the proporty and interests of the Saltshore Refining Company, though in actual practice, they often come across as the personal guard and hitmen of the company chair, Naricalium Cluth.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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