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OwkZugai Scions

The Scions are coming, we heard them spawn in the cells and heard the exclamations of rage. The mages had thought that a group might be tied to that cell and we had kept a watch for decades. Nobody knows what triggered it, but now the Scions had been released. A third of the structure was on fire and hundreds were dead. Rogalev save us, we'll need people with more capacity for thought and a span of DraKaise unlike what we can match on our own. Without that we may yet see the Incursion brought to it's inevitable conclusion.
— Forkden Notes
  The Scions strike fear into the hearts of those that are aware of their purpose and origin. These warriors are some of the strongest Orcs to have walked Ithungsida, with each having been trained by Vhaskus himself to be his bodyguards and support troops.   Each Scion is equally adept in magical and martial capabilities, with their natural capacity being augmented by custom artifacts designed by the Undeath. This means that a single squad of Scions can equal a group many times their size with little difficulty. While the last Scions were trained hundreds of years before now, many have sequestered themselves out of time and space to return for the triggers that their god has commanded them.   This means that they can easily appear out of anywhere to the most common of actions. A man screaming for help at the wrong time in the wrong ancient hall might be found disembowled and removed by a force of impossibly strong Orcish warriors that are now unleashed upon the lands.  


The Scions are all pulled from the OwkZugai and are peak trained creatures that are said to be the result of a eugenics program ran by Vhaskus himself.

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