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OwkZugai (Oww-kuh-Zoo-Guy)

The lich had long abandoned all sense of what some might peg as his 'humanity', it's body reduced to little more than bones and loose strips of skin that barely remained attached to the body. Yet the dark tribe that surrounded the creature as it's personal retinue clearly saw nothing more than the body of a divine being. These were the Orcish Skulls, the likes of which had fought valiantly on the coast. Had they not had reinforcements from the fleet then the battle would have turned out very differently.   Now they had the chance to speak with the implied ruler of this 'land of sin' it was time to uncover the mysteries and histories that clearly lurked just under the surface.
— Notes of the Fourth Fleet
  The OwkZugai were the bodyguards, personal servants and consorts of Vhaskus, Undeath of Mergus.  


  The OwkZugai were the initial peoples of the fearsome Vhaskus. Even before his ascension to demigod-hood the Orc had achieved a high position in the holy crusade against Humans. Due to his high position his tribe had naturally been elevated in importance, and with his Ascension the tribe became one of the most important.   The OwkZugai were one of the first tribes to abandon the nomadic life and begin their rule from the dark Tower at Dromund Peak. They enacted the will of their god-like leader by serving as his protection, his retinue and his secret police. All of this was done with the express allowance of Vhaskus, and their influence was rivaled only by the Orc himself.  
"So, the Undeath has finally been scoured from the earth?"   "He was killed after he marched from the Freezing Sands and killed countless."   "Then he has left a clear message for those of us that follow him."
— Dromund Interview Notes

Modern Relevance

The OwkZugai were priests of MerGus, the lost thoughts secondary to their belief of Vhaskus. This meant that they highly valued the arcane and allowed the many to find and curate mystical powers that could be used in the future. While Marches From Algier had mastered the art of sealing himself out of time, the orcs had learned of it first and truly mastered it. At any point an ancient building might awaken to a force of OwkZugai materializing to some trigger that had been set eons before.   Some of these die, while others escape. However, this perpetuates the terror many see reflected in the history of Orcs and their brutality.
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