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A bond not yet broken, chained to serve. The chill of the grave twists and turns the dark shades of the billowing mantles. In the moonlight, the figures move, the faint ethereal glow emanting from the linkages that dangle from their wrists. No feet to touch the floor. No eyes left in this realm. The wraiths remain shackled to their existence by reckless oaths made. Now, the Autarch among them chooses their fates.   Many who have seen a Fate could not fully describe the truth of what they've seen. For many, a Fate represents a tremendous loss that binds souls to the world that rejected them. And for the Fate, the Autarch reigns supreme. Many familiar with the woodland beasts would consider this an alpha, but the Autarch holds the promise once given. While each entity of the Fate may have once held a level of independence, their existence has been reduced to a singular purpose. Many Fates exist where calamity has befallen great leaders, whether wicked or benign, who believe their purpose has yet to be fulfilled. There have been reports that the Autarch of a Fate retains a level of clarity of purpose, searching to right wrongs or defending a grand purpose. There are those that believe that the Wraiths seek to regain their mortal state to continue again their grand designs. But yet, none have verified this.   Fates vary in number, often ranging from four to hundreds. The wraiths of a Fate serve to protect the Autarch and fulfill his wishes. However, the chains of their bond demand that the wraiths remain close to their Autarch, within a hundred miles. Often, an Autarch that controls a smaller Fate tends to keep his defenses close. If an Autarch is destroyed, the wraiths are still constrained to their oath. Wraiths freed from their oaths are able to depart, but those who remain bound continue their restless patrol. There are rumors that many wraiths moan their continual oaths in their whispered, agonized breaths. Those careful to discern the language may discover their purpose.


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