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The Bard Guard

The Bard Guard is the crude term to describe Mistress Platil's security team, which consists of five men trained in melee and ranged combat. How necessary this security team is remains up for debate, however, as Platil is openly immortal and carries her own assortment of weaponry wherever she goes.   The men have two duties: one is to protect Mistress Platil and the other is to serve as companions to the Nyari Singer and Dominatrix.   They are routinely instructed to participate and aid in pleasing her various clients, though they are never allowed to outshine her. If it appears one of the guard is becoming more disirable than Platil herself, they are swiftly fired, and many flee to the main base of the Shadi Order and look for work as mercenaries or bodyguards there, for fear of facing the worst of Platil's wrath.



The Bard Guard consists of five men hand-selected by Mistress Platil to serve as her bodyguards and companions.


Each guard wears gaudy, flamboyant clothing in multiple layers that are tailored to drape over their bodies in sexually appealing ways and to also provide space for them to conceal the many weapons each carries on their person.


The guard members each carry an assortment of knives and daggers on their person, most of which can serve as thrown weapons if needing to attack at range. These weapons are hidden in the deep folds of their clothing, and are scattered across their bodies, allowing them to reach one, even if they are pinned or restrained.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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