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Ellas Shadows

Ella Jean-Jon is a sister to John Jean-Jon of The Bandolier Brothers fame. She is famed for her beautful voice and love performing throughout The Ash Lands (Country) and even in other regions of Omnusat Island. She is prone to moving about without the singular official bodyguard that her father Paul Jean-Jon has insisted she accept: often escaping his watchful eyes in new and surprising ways. As such Paul has (quite secretly) set a force of Elite Tridoch Corporation Soldiers to follow her in secret an ensure her safety.   She is quite perceptive and independent; they must work very hard indeed to avoid her ire. When she notices that her father has posted yet another guardian to watch over her, she is equally likely to make her escape as thrash them and land them in the nearest medical clinic. Maintaining a presence in this unit for any sizeable amount of time offers prestige equal to or greater than many medals conferred by the Tridoch Corporation.


Logistical Support

The full economic might of the Tridoch Corporation is at this units disposal.


Paul Jean-Jon personally funds this unit and all its needs.


Paul Jean-Jon keeps an eye on up and coming soldiers going through the academies of the Tridoch Corporation, looking for just the right combination of physical prowess and stealth abilities. His daughter would not look kindly on discovering he had posted yet another body guard to look after her. He believes in her, but also believes the world is a very dangerous place.


Historical loyalties

This squad is loyal to General Paul Jean-Jon, and functions solely at his command.   His daughter Ella frequently attempts to subvert his orders but their loyalty to the general is unbreaking.
Covert Ops
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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