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Magician's Entourage

The Magician's Entourage is a special unit of the Royal Army specifically formed to protect the important Royal Magician such as chief magicians of a branch or a non-combat magician such as a doctor and enchanter whenever they travel for any important research or investigations.   Originally formed to protect any non-combat magicians, the Magician's Entourage became an official sub-unit to the Royal Magician regardless of any reasons big or small, mostly because some of them are friends or acquaintances to them.



Most Entourage consists of 10-20 men to guard a Royal Magician in one trip. However, if a magician was strong enough to defend themselves, they would have only 4-6 soldiers in their entourage, some who were friends or former party mates to the magician.


Each unit that consists of 10 to 20 men is assigned to the Royal Magician they will guard for a few years with a Commander leading the charge. Some soldiers are assigned as strategists and sub-commander while one of them is assigned to be the magician's bodyguard at all times even outside their research excursions. Some units have some other magicians outside the Royal Magicians in their team, some who are healers while others are friends with the Royal Magician.   In some cases, they often called extra men from the Royal Army in case the magician is assigned to investigate any dangerous area such as one that is covered in miasma and after a monster rampage in some villages or towns.


During their off-time, the soldiers trained under their Commander every Lacus, Natura, and Lumen at 10 AM. Most of the training focused on refining their skills with their weapons, shooting range training, and an endurance training with the help of some lower magicians. They sometimes have an off-week every month if the Commander felt they needed a rest after all of the training and missions.
Overall training Level
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