The Queen's Guard

The Queen's Guard is a military guard for the monarchs of The Augustanate of Ectique. Formed originally by Ethel Mezezi, queen of Ethernia, the Queen's Guard was established to provide an independent military force that would be loyal to the crown but also serve as an elite group whose sole purpose was the monarch's protection.  


It was with Ethel's coronation and ascension to the throne of Sedun in 1087 A.K. that she started to organize an elite guard. Drawing its initial members from Guarmou soldiers whom she had come to trust, she would eventually come to a number of twenty trusted soldiers who would accompany her wherever she went. As Ethel was soon thrust into military affairs with the Anti-Seduni Rebellion, she would enlarge the Queen's Guard to a larger number to the ends that they could provide a useful battlefield application. By the end of Ethel's reign, the Queen's Guard would comprise of 300 men, one hundred of which were Atelian.  


Although the kingdom of Sedun had long had the Guarmo as a professional military force, worries about personal security led to the creation of the Queen's Guard. At first simply a bodyguard of trusted individuals, their role was to travel with their monarch and to defend her from possible threats. These included the several assassination attempts, such as those against Ethel Mezezi in her wars against the Hijuandagi. As time went on, their numbers grew so that they could provide a useful addition on the battlefield. Often times the Queen's Guard would be held back in reserve while the rest of the army positioned and fought the enemy. In this position, the Queen's Guard would serve to protect the monarch from possible threats and guard the rear of the army from unexpected attacks. If the army at large seemed to be struggling, the Queen's Guard would enter into the fray and fight where they were needed. Several battles were decided by the entrance of the Queen's Guard into the battle.


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