Third Rock Guards

The Third Rock Guards are a mercenary regimental sized unit based in the Dalkit 422 System . Originally formed as a protection unit for the asteroid miners, their fierce protection of the miners, and especially the Pivo transported throughout the system and it's transportation throughout the galaxy.   Currently the guards take on one-of-a-kind missions that are highly dangerous but also highly lucrative to the members, who are the only stockholders. Some missions are small squad or multi-squad level, while others might call for a complete batallion sized unit. There are always parts of the unit deployed at the home system on Cuivienen maintaining their historical protection for the miners and others in the Dalkit 422 System . They also provide the Imperial guard force for the Emperor of Dalkit 422 System .   One of their most recent exploits involved helping the Pact Worlds fight the invading swarm.



Nominally a regimental size unit consisting of four companies of light infantry, 2 of powered armor infantry, 2 of mobile (grav tank) units, one services company, one headquarters company, one ortillery company, and two marine boarding companies. Usually deployed as an ad hoc battalion consisting of companies and platoons that are handpicked for a particular mission.


Members are handpicked veterans from many parts of the galaxy and are already trained for combat. Once hired, they are further trained in their specific role within the regiment.



Recruitment is from many parts of the galaxy. Many specialists, even mystics, biohackers, and solarians may find a home in the regiment complimenting the many melee and ranged fighters in the regiment.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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