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There are about 100 dedicated members of this squadron, and they are rotated in and out of service in order to keep them properly prepared for service at all times. These people serve for life typically, and serve to guard the Highest Elder during their leadership, chosen by the Highest Elder themself.


They are well equipped with weapons, healers kits, and high quantities of defensive tools ranging from shields to armor to magical charms. There are 20 full sets of equipment that are distributed between the team, as only 20 people are on duty on each outing that the Highest Elder makes.


This formation carries large amounts of weaponry, most of which is only used as a last resort to ward off people with ill will towards the Highest Elder and their close compatriots. This typically includes swords, bows and arrows, and access to powerful magic wards and spells that can be fired off at close or long range.


This squadron typically has access to horses, carts, and whatever vehicle that the Highest Elder is transported in. Typically around three quarters of the squadron will ride horses alongside the vehicle, while all that remain will be either in the vehicle or riding atop it for extra protection. They have access to 20 large riding animals including horses and pegasi, and occasionally hippocampi for the purposes of underwater transport whenever it is necessary.


They typically act in combat only as a last resort, but when combat does strike they typically form a solid defense surrounding the Highest Elder and their closest neighbors. If magic is available immediately, a shield or wall of force is placed around them, and if not, the formation forms a shield wall around them and proceeds to fire arrows from behind it while the scouts take out whoever is attacking from behind.
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