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Lost Realms of Ebelar

1000 AL

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Long ago, there was nothing but empty blackness. In this blackness existed Horrors, massive creatures, huge and powerful. Then there were Gods, and the gods were immense, infinitely bigger and stronger even than the horrors. The gods created their universe and filled it with stars. Around these stars were planets, and on these planets there was life. However, the Gods decided that they did not like the Horrors or want their influence over their universe. They banded together and banished every single Horror into an empty pocket dimension. They lived there for many, many years, alone in the abyss of their empty dimension. After hundreds of thousands of years, they got immensely bored. They decided that they want a world to watch and interact with them. After a failed attempt, they managed to take their first living solar system, and in this solar system there was one living planet. This was Ebelar. Ebelar was a simple planet until the Horrors touched it with their intense magical grip. The Horrors were easily bored and quickly got bored with the simplistic nature of the planet. They gave many creatures in this world sentience and sped up evolution in the animals. They gave creatures magic easily and without hesitance. They extremely altered the world, changing parts of the world extremely and to their will. Many pieces of the world are odd and don't make geographical sense. Horrors have different personalities and create their planets to what they want to see. These horrors see this world as entertainment, and so try to make the world as interesting as possible. Sometimes this is beneficial to the creatures in this world, and sometimes it is horrendously destructive. This world is odd, wondrous, magical, and fun. Welcome to Ebelar.