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Regios Convertunt

Tasked with defending the Emperor, the figurehead of the Imperium of Aitreas, the Regios Convertunt (Royal Guard) are an elite sect of the Cum Magistro Malitiae (Imperial Guard) trained from birth in martial, mental, and political exercises. They are loyal to a fault, willing to die for their charge; however, it is rare for them to fall as they are comparable to the greatest veterans of the Imperial Legions in terms of martial strength and tactical mind.   The Regios Convertunt were created by Rheomia, founder of the Imperium and the first and only Imperator Supreme. She personally selected and trained those first contingents of her guard. Since then, the Regios Convertunt is still comprised of the descendants of those first units, with only a handful of families being added over the centuries since the guard's conception.

A Fierce Competition

As positions within the Regios Convertunt are hereditary (for the most part), and there is only a select number of positions within the Regios Convertunt available (an average of 100), only one child per parental pair is allowed to join the Regios Convertunt; however, all children that are born to families within the Regios Convertunt begin training from birth. This can lead to fierce sibling competitions, as two or more children of the same family train and compete for a single position in the guard. Sometimes, this competition proves fatal.

Lifetime of Training

Those children of past members of the Regios Convertunt who are chosen to train for the next generation of guards begin their education early. They go through schooling and the basics of physical training from the earliest stages of their physical maturity (which varies by race), and their education continues to develop and grow as they do. Once the trainee reaches physical and mental maturity, they undergo a series of grueling exams of physical and mental acuity, as well as spirit and willpower. If their mental, physical, and emotional endurance is deemed acceptable, they join the ranks of the Regios Convertunt.


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