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Cold Iron Guard

Anti-Fae Measurements

Written by Endrise

These things can fight an Archfae bare-handed and can withstand a point-blank fireball. The only way you win against one is through sheer skill alone.
— Orelock Prison Guard

Louhi's power to control people’s blood makes her a difficult prisoner for any security with flesh or blood. Instead, her guards are constructs built for Fae containment.

A unit of five, each one acts as her area’s security. Armed against all forms of magic and impossible to control, they exist for one purpose only: to keep her inside Orelock Prison.

The Faekiller

Each of the handcrafted constructs exists with the sole duty to keep Louhi's secured. High-class machines built purely for containing dangerous Fae.

While it makes them great at keeping her locked away, it also makes them efficient against other magical foes. Anyone reliant on magic will struggle fighting these juggernauts of a security. Something that makes them only more reliable to keep Louhi in check.


Cold Iron Guards are living cages, built to contain and carry smaller Fae like Fairies around. To do so, their helmets act as a holding cell that can open up, launching a claw to pull in the prisoner.

If the target is unreachable, water cannons and electrical charges get used instead. The water to shut down their ability to fly, and the electricity stuns them for good measure.


To protect themselves against Fae, each one has a large layer of Cold Iron covering their outer plating and insides. This makes anyone in proximity of one sickened, often to the point of incapacitating their target.

Several runes integrated into their mechanisms also prevent spells from effecting them. This includes heat and cold, control spells and anything to make them lock up.

Security Measures

Each one guards the insides of Louhi's cell, with one being present at the door towards it, keeping a constant eye on her. They activate the moment any other organic life comes near her without authorisation. If the creature does not fall back, they attempt to capture it.

Despite destructive potential, their combat style minimises bloodshed to avoid giving Louhi a supply for her ability to control blood. Rather, they will use their electric charges or water cannons to incapacitate an opponent. Sometimes even a combination of both.

Though they can kill if needed, usually by electrocuting a target until their heart or brain stops. Once a target is pacified, they bring them to Orelock Prison's main security.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

High Maintenance

Such complex constructs requires a lot of maintenance. Precise engineering and lots of magical components make them complicated to repair without the right engineer. And since they got brought over from Teutönn, one going out of commission takes time.

To cut down on repair costs, the prison calls upon engineers from Vie Incorperated instead. Although not as efficient at repairing all of it, it is enough to ensure they remain active.

Cover image: Military Formation Cover by Endrise


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