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The Ravens

These are the personal security force of the Red Raven, the ruler of Black Water Cove, and they prevent anyone from revolting or threatening the Raven’s absolute rule. They are a band of former assassins, mages and marines turned pirates, slavers and smugglers following the failure of the conquest of the Northern territories. However, they don’t just secure the port, but they also man several sailing vessels, as well as commanding fleets of ships. Each of these ships have their own formidable captains, but three of these stand out above all others. They patrol the high seas on quests for the Red Raven, taking out any of the raven’s opponents. Garments. They wear studded leather with a burgundy tinge and black cloaks emblazoned with a scarlet raven that carries a dagger in it’s beak. This is accompanied by a half mask that hides the top half of their faces. These masks typically resemble different types of birds, although, the most common type is a raven mask. Those who are closer to their dictator, The Red Raven & The Raven Vanguard are permitted to wear their own styles of clothing, however each of them must adorn themselves with a crimson feather as part of it to show they are part of the Red Raven's personal security force. Preferred Weaponry. Their preferred weapon is a dagger, although, there are a few of the leadership that command the Raven’s forces that possess their own favoured weapons. There are also those who favour the arcane arts and have the ability to cast devastating evocation and necromantic incantations. The five commanders of the Raven’s forces each have their own personal weapons. Zezilient = Glaive (made of bones) + Necromancy, River = Trident of teleportation (extends from dagger) + Hydromancy, Daeryn = Quarterstaff, Jedah = Dual Scimitar, Drazoxath = Regular Balor weapons


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