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The Royal Guard of Marela

The Royal Guard of Marela is an elite security troop of the Army of Marela. They are responsible for the safety of the King of Marela and his immediate family, especially in the castle where they live. The Royal Guard of Marela is divided into two: the normal guard, which is bigger in manpower, and The Royal Wyvernriders

The Royal Wyvernriders cannot be everywhere for one simple reason: the wyverns do not fit in a castle. It would also be rather difficult and inconvenient for the big lizards try to fit in the Castle. Thus, the ordinary guards of The Royal Guard watch after the safety of the premises where the 'flagship' troop and show of supremacy of The Army of Marela cannot fit in.



All the Royal Guards use a similar, easily distinguishable armor, usually medium or heavy. The few mages who are employed by the king also wear robes or armor suitable for them which does not prevent casting. It also bears the insignia of the Royal Guard and is of the same base color.


Normal Guards standing by are usually armed with glaives or spears or something similar. Officers have better weaponry and depending on their expertise and preferences, may choose anything from ordinary swords to shields and some more exotic weapons like hammers and in one rare occassion, a whip sword.


Horses are provided by the royal stables to all officers for easier transport. The Royal Wyvernriders have their lizards, of course.
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