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The Royal Wyvernriders

If one is to wonder how Duchy of Marela, small country squished between its much bigger neighbours, has been able to stay independent in these tumultous times on continent of Madovar, the answer is actually quite simple: The Wyvernriders.   This elite force of Marelan army is unique on the whole continent, if not in the whole world. Even when they are not that many they are feared and honored. Instead of brute froce, their strenght lies elsewhere; in their tamed wyverns.


It has been a tradition that every child of royal lineage will get their own Guard of Wyvernriders. Usually the heir apparent has slightly more troops than the rest. The women of the royal lineage have less than the men, as the women will be wedded off at some point of their life, and they will take their Guard with them as part of her dowry. The leader of all the Wyvernriders is namely the currently ruling monarch, yet in reality thee riders answer to their captains, and the captains of the Guard to their respectable leaders (i.e the members of the royal family).

Public Agenda

They are the elite part of the Royal Guard in charge of the royal family's security. They also serve as the Air force of Army of Duchy of Marela.


The most precious assets of the Royal Wyvernriders is their wyverns. The wyverns are rare, hard to breed and even harder to tame. As the Duchy of Marela's best openly kept secret, those beast that have  been carefully bred and taught to accept a rider are worth their weight in gold.
Founding Date
Military, Air Force
Alternative Names
The Wyvernriders, The Wyverns
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities


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