The Order of Ebon Heart

The Ebon Heart are the bodyguards and defenders of the Temples of Mythal, one of the three order of temple warriors, They are the warriors that stand at each temple and protect both the building and those within, as well as any innocent requesting protection as long as they proven true and worthy of such protection.   They been around since the last few years of the Crystal Concord push back against the nobles and guild, as some protection of the temples across the city, which had been caught in the middle of a number of violent and blood skirmishes between the different sides, including the attempt on the assassination attempt of the Crystal Concord, which happened when he worshipping within a small Mythal temple in the Cerjan View on the northern edge of the city. After that attack the Temples are decided they need dedicated defenders, so each form new orders with the purpose of defending their people and temples. The Ebon Heart was started by Kaeni Aerani, who until that time had been a Knight Commander of the Order of the Flame, but agreement of the Grand Paladin, she stood down from the Order and started to train the first of the member s of the Ebon Heart. It is a small order and only as around 250 members total, each of the 50 temples of Mythal within the city are guard at all times by at least a single member of the Order, with the larger temples having 2 or more. Each of the Patriarchs of Mythal Curia as a number of them assigned to guard them at all times outside of their homes and temples.



Around 250 members, no restrictions based on Species.


Full Plate for formal or dangerous situation, while chainmail is more normal armour for day to day use. Weapons used are maces, hammers and mauls, as one of the tenants of the order is to not spill unneccesary blood, as the body is sacred and should not be cut open.


High Knight, is the leader of the Ebon Heart, who as 3 Champions each who oversea recruits and the defenders of the church, below them is the mass of Knights who are the defenders of the temples and priests, as well as the drill sergeants of the Squires and Novices who hope one day to be raised to the rank of Knight.


They tactics tend towards defensive and guard, they learn how to use natural or built defences to allow a small number of people to hold against larger mobs of people, and how to use their equipment to not only protect themselves but their charges.


Each year only a handful of potentials are allowed to join the Order, each have to show a respect for life, and at least some ability with weapon and shield. Each group is given over to a senior knight for training and testing to prove themselves worth. There no standard training time requirements, and each novice will become a squire and hopefully knight in their own given time.
Special Forces
Overall training Level
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