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Warchod (wark-od)

This is a small cadre of men and women who have had elite training. Not for combat, at least not often, and not for the protection of a group or institution. Instead they have the delicate and critical role of protector and minder.
  At least once in every generation a child is born who from a young age shows signs of great power. These individuals are essential in the functioning of society as they can control the weather, send instant communications, and peer into the hearts of people, not to learn their secrets, but to know their loyalties. Their talents vary, but all are powerful. They are the Gwae-Eni
  With these powers comes great responsibility, but there is also a great cost. Few indeed are those who grow to a responsible adulthood. Most suffer from various mental or physical ailments. Because of this the Warchod exist - to safeguard the Gwae-Eni 
  The Warchod are trained to be observant. To learn about their charges and recognize the tell-tale signs of mental instability, or physical distress. As is common to most people, being watched over constantly is not a happy situation, so the Gwai-Eni become quite clever in their attempts to misdirect or escape observation. The guards are empowered to use any and all methods to protect both their charges and the general populace.
  One very successful tactic has been the inclusion of animals. It is a rare Gwae-Eni who does not settle when in the presence of a dog or cat or horse. There is an invisible link between beast and human that seems to be a stabilizing force.
  The Warchod train in physical combat, to protect their charges and to physically subdue them if necessary. They are trained to be observant, to learn to recognize what triggers dangerous behavior and what diverts from that behavior. They can use commands, fear, games, toys, friendship, redirection - whatever is needed to accomplish the task.
  It is a mostly thankless occupation, but those who have accepted the obligation do so willingly, not for glory or honor, but for those they protect and for the society they serve.



The Warchod constantly observe others to see if any appear to have the beginnings at least, of the needed skills for the assignment. Observant individuals, strong, intelligent, and patient are all needed qualities. There is no formal hunt for members, and no formal process for recruitment, rather the members of the group recommend others as they find them. There is no requirement in terms of social standing or education level, but a potential recruit must be physically fit, and mentally stable.


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