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The Pistoleers have among 550 members in their accord, with a majority of 78% of those being Morkadian, and another 15% having had ties with the group since before the kingdom fell silent to it's assailants.


When it comes to their gear, the Pistoleers don't mess around. Be it a solo artist or the whole gang on the hunt, their forged knighthoods and faked noble blood gives them a political advantage wherever in human society they go. Their wealth and contacts within the underworld also allow them to get their hands on most weapons, tools and gear that they may need for an operation. Part from unique artifacts and some very well guarded secret sciences.


A silver tongue, it is indeed the one weapon any Pistoleer aim to perfect. Any duel that it can win is an enemy completely dominated. Any battle which it brings a heroic blow, is a war won. Though sometimes when rhyme and reason is out the window, the goblinmade shortnosed eight-trigger herdculler is their favorite gun of choice, due to it's consealability, high efficency and reliability.   In the end though, it always comes down to personal preference and what type of gun best fit the pistoleer. Kristoff Schurke for example uses the Clockwerk maidens handringer, a stylish and light clockwork revolver which is common among noble women as an easy to hide self defence resort.


The Pistoleer has a fleet of a total fifty ships at their disposal, consisting of twenty caravels, twelve brigs, nine galleass, seven man-o-wars and two ironclads to wreak havoc on maritime slavers with. If they need to march on the lands, they also own a Diestrian horseranch which can supply them with needed stalions breed for war.


As each Pistoleer carries the highest obtainable title for their organization already, the command is usually designated for the man best fit to lead the operation. Though most would agree that the true leader is Kristoff Schurke due to his excelent leadership and countless sacrifices for the group, along with a burning passion to save Morkadia he is technically only the leader due popular oppinion and respect.


Deception, infiltration, intelligence gathering and saboutage are the main strategies of a Pistoleer. While each and every one of them is a highly trained killing machine, they live by a code that the less bodycounts a mission, the better the results in most cases.


With their main missions being critical targets, rescue missions and hostage situations, their training could be considered theateristics and they often carry out drills among the Redfort Bay pleasure districts due to their brothels being known as some of the most secure locations in the world.   The training is often based on either planting, or defusing fake charges set in the karst caverns underneath the island city, or to liberate captives held within the buildings. To make it all worse their fellow Pistoleers will also be guarding the captives which enforces them to take help of locals, disguises and wits to solve the situations without drawing arms.   They still regularely train martial arts with both blade and gun within the Red Castle though to ensure their senses and skills are sharp enough when combat comes.



Only those considered pure of heart, with a will of iron and the guts to stand alone, brave against an entire army and keep fighting to the bitter end are seen as worthy enough to be considered recruitment material.   Background checks are then made, as well as spying operations to gather intel of the person and their habits and lives. Should everything be according to their strong of mind, anti-magic and goodwilled tenents, one of their numbers will meet them in a tavern and bring them to a secret place for discussion.   The ritual that come should they accept to join, is a knighting within the Red Castle, accompanied with a feast held in their honor. Should they refuse the Pistoleer just walks away. In the end it's not their order that they seek to keep secret, but everything else surrounding it.


Historical loyalties

Loyal to the people of Morkadia, but also anyone in need.
Special Forces
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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