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Consortium Police (kuhn-sor-shm puh-lees)

The Havenwood Lumber Consortium Police is a paramilitary group hired and trained by the Havenwood Lumber Consortium to protect their assets and operations.



Each Consortium Camp operates with five members of the Consortium Police within the camp. Company-owned towns have between thirty and seventy members of the Consortium Police force.


Each member of the Consortium Police is equipped with chainmail under a steel breastplate, with the first equipping taken from the member's salary until it has been paid off.


A typical member of the Consortium Police carries a longsword, lacquered club, and sets of manacles, as well as a crossbow with a quarrel pouch on their belt.


The Consortium Police report to the local administrators of their camps or towns, who in turn report to the Operators for each region they operate in, who report to the Directors in Seafair.


Heavy force and imprisonment allow for the Consortium Police forces to keep laborers and lawbreakers in line.


The Consortium Police are trained to protect the assets and operations of the Consortium at all costs. They are ordered to prioritize company profits over workers, leading to abuse of laborers for the slightest infractions.



The Consortium targets former lawmen, soldiers, and toughs for recruitment into the Consortium Police, ensuring their ranks will be filled with those willing to follow orders and do what is needed to maintain profits.


Not long after forming the Lumber Consortium, Federico Santini realized the need for a protective force, seeking members of the Crown Army of Falcrest to fill out the ranks of the company, battle-hardened soldiers who had not yet seen advancement and were hungry for increased salary and power.   Over the years, the Santini family has continued to recruit from the ranks of the jaded of law enforcement and military, building up a small army of their own whose strength rivals some smaller nations, with loyalty not to a crown, but to the Company.   Gennaro Sartini, the current Director of the Consortium, maintains a personal guard of ten Consortium Police, veterans who have been in the Consortium for most of their lives, with explicit instruction to keep him safe. Some speculate that Sartini has used a form of mind control to ensure their loyalties, but thus everyone who has attempted to prove this true has vanished, never to be seen again.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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