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Havenwood Lumber Consortium (hay-vn-wud luhm-br kuhn-sor-shm)

The Havenwood Lumber Consortium is a business group that has monopolized the lumber trade in the Kingdom of Havenwood. Headquartered in Seafair, the Consortium has offices throughout the country anywhere large stands of forest can be found.   Its great wealth and influence on the crown allow them to exert great pressure on smaller regions, and it has set up a number of company-owned towns surrounding the Wyrmwood, in pursuit of the lumber found there.


The Havenwood Lumber Consortium is controlled by a board of directors, located at their headquarters in Seafair. There, led by Director Gennaro Sartini, they lobby the crown for increased rights and reduced oversight.   Each lumber camp has its own Operator, who oversees operations and assigns the day-to-day oversight of work to a group of foremen, each overseeing a specific logging team. Company towns have a company-appointed Mayor to act as an administrator of camps in that town's region.


The Consortium is a meritocratic plutocracy, and no one gains prestige or wealth without the work of the laborers who work the forests and mills, pushing for more production and money for the Consortium. Most are quick to exploit the laborers for their own gain, seeing them as expendable.

Public Agenda

To profit off the trees of the Kingdom of Havenwood. Ideally, to expand outside of Havenwood and harvest all of Omath.


Wealth exceeding 500,000 gold crowns annually, trade wagons and ships, troops (the Consortium Police, and multiple timberlands throughout Havenwood.


The Havenwood Lumber Consortium was founded in 1408 by Federico Sartini, a Falcresti who was commissioned to harvest the trees of the (then) Havenwood Province of Kingdom of Falcrest. Partnering with Baroness Noemi Venditti for funding, Sartini and fifty laborers set out and immediately began sending processed lumber back to the Baroness for sale.   By 1418, Sartini had made enough money to buy out the Baroness' share in the company and partnered with a number of other merchants to expand trade routes, expanding operations and financing the investment in stronger tools so that the company could take on the tougher, taller trees of the Wyrmwood.

Profit Grows, Always

Founding Date
Consortium, Business
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