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Edgewood Riots (edj-wud rai-uhts)

Following the Greybloom Flood of 1502 and the repair to the mill, workers in the recently rebuilt town of Edgewood organized a labor strike, refusing to work in either the Havenwood Lumber Consortium mill or lumber camps until such time as they received better working conditions.

The Conflict


Spurred by the loss of life during the Greybloom Flood of 1502, the survivors began meeting at the Edgewood Lodge to mourn the dead and draft a plan to improve working conditions, both at the mill itself and in the lumber camps. Led by the voices of Piers Hadresham, Osmund Halley, Henrie Boteler, Sampson Deacons, and Hannah Chancey, the workers decided to conduct a labor strike, refusing to work until their conditions were met. A date was chosen: 13 Deiteral, specifically to coincide with the arrival of the Havenwood Lumber Consortium Board of Directors, who were scheduled to arrive to inspect the mill for its reopening.


Before sunrise, the leaders met at the home of Hannah Chancey to prepare themselves for the labor strike. Expecting some resistance, they distributed layers of heavily padded clothing. Following Osmund Halley's insistence on non-violence, they were not armed. Around 200 workers descended on the newly-rebuilt mill, blocking its three gates, their ranks three deep at each gate. Thirty Consortium Police officers met the protestors at the fence, and conditions worsened as each side attempted to shout down the other.    The protest escalated at the arrival of Dario Sartini, then Head Director of the Lumber Consortium. Strikers attempted to pull Sartini from his carriage against the orders of the protest leaders, to which the Consortium Police responded with force, distracting the protestors long enough that Sartini's carriage was able to turn around and depart for the safety of Uptown. Strikers attempted to fight back with whatever they could find, and before long the protest had dissolved into a full-blown riot.   At the end of the day, ten Consortium Police officers and ninety-two strikers were injured, the five leaders of the protestors were arrested and hanged without trial, and the protest movement was put down.


Located at the southern fenceline of the Edgewood Mill, the riots took place along Main Street in Edgewood, Havenwood.


The strikers, their protests broken, returned to work the next day, docked one month's pay for their participation.


As a result of the protest's defeat, the laborers in the Lumber Consortium throughout Havenwood refuse to attempt organization or protest.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
13 Deiteral 1503
Ending Date
13 Deiteral 1503
Conflict Result
The laborers were routed, all five labor leaders were arrested and hung without trial. The Lumber Consortium would reopen the mill and return to business as usual the next day.


Havenwood Consortium Police
Edgewood Labor Movement


30 Officers
5 Leaders
200 Workers


10 Injured (2 Critically)
0 Dead
5 Dead
92 Injured (15 Critically)


Protect the Consortium Assets
Protect the Consortium Director(s)
Secure safer working conditions

Cover image: The Strike by Robert Koehler (1850-1917)


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