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Thrimirht's Demons

The outlaw Thrimirht is guarded at all times by four different rhakshasas. Thrimirht was wise to find guardians who were on rough terms with their tclans. As being members of his entourage in the Ismat raiders, he gave them a sense of belonging that was lacking. Each of them are arguably more powerful physically or magically than Thrimirht, and many are perlexed that these powerful rhakshasas are serving an asura. Aside from fgiving them purpose, Thrimirht treats them fairly. Within the Ismat raiders they have respect and authority that they are otherwise don't know their own clan.   Moradeer is part of the Kalandala clan, tht is known for their ability to kill anyone just by making eye contact with their third eye. Moradeer himself no longer has this ability after his third eye was damaged, which is when he was also ousted from his clan. But he is still an efficient hand to hand assassin. He is usually closes to Thrimirht and kills anyone who gets close to him within three moves.   Krasham is one of the Gorsath , a four armed seven foot hermaphrodite, skilled with a bow and arrow, large sword and mace. Though not ousted from the Gorsath, it is a misogynistic clan that resents her for being a better fighter than most of the mem. Joining Thrimirht was a way for her gain respect from the Ismat raiders and from the Gorsath for their crimes against the Ismat empire. She is Thrimirht's second line of defense, an agile warrior able to skirt to and from him and engage multiple enemies at once.   Dus is part of the Jahat clan that takes all rhakshasas that did not properly cast their dushkriviya spell, and thus become rhakshasas with a  a defect. Dus attempted to become an Onimuri  who are known for being the largest and mightiest of the rhakshasas. Dus lost a lot of his intelligence during his dushkrivya. Thrimirth bought him from the Jahat who were relieved to be free of the burden. At nine feet tall he is a powerhouse who can take a lot of damage. As a guardian, he is an obedient wall that protects a side of Thrimirht completely. He also prevents Thrimirht from being overrun by force.   Lastly is Nickiril, a member of the Pidmaya  that is known for creating illusions just by imagining them by giving up some of their physical strength. Nickiril went too far with his dushkrivya. His power to create illusions is incredible, but he is also completely immobile and unable to feed himself. Thrimirht has attendees catering to his every whim. For Nikiril, hegets to live an adventurous life that he would otherwise be incapable of. On the field he is Thrimirht's most delicate and dangerous weapon. He himself is surrounded by those who carry and shield him, while he casts illusions that throw attacking enemies in dissaray. With these demon's guarding him, Thrimirht confuses, blocks, defends, and kills everyone who encroaches on him.


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