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The Guardians of Progress

The Guardians of progress are an elite group of military soldiers the have been chosen to protect the king of Bit Durani, the Ukinnu Prison for the Magically Adept and Criminally Insane, and the Hall of Confiscated Inventions.
These men and women are chosen based on a number of criteria which include combat expertise, critical thinking, military records, and battlefield accomplishments. Due to their area of assignment, the guardians are a mixture of both martial and magical adept individuals. Normally the members of the guard are selected from the ranks of the military that are done with at least 4 service rotations. However, occasionally there is a stand-out individual that is selected before then for service if high aptitude is produced. when The members are inducted into the guard they have to take a vow of agnosticism to political and factional thought processes.
The members of this group are issued a special set of armor and fabrics the allow greater protection from a number of threats. The fabrics of their armor are a synthetic mixture of cotton and proprietary electrically insulated fabric. the fabric is then covered in a fire protectant to shield the body from burns. the metal chest piece, greaves, and chausses are made of titanium and magically imbued with personalized magic to augment the individual's personal talents.



The rank and file of the Guardians of progress are 300. This selection for the force is strict but the need for these elite guardians is not wide.


The formation of the Guardians of progress was original to start protecting the kings and their families from assassinations. As Bit Durani grew the number of assassination attempt and successes on the ruler grew. The standard of using high-ranking military officials failed due to coups and inter-political disputes, and the use of trusted individuals was not great either because the expertise of the squad was not always high enough to thwart plans of opposing thaught factions. 
This led king Brixton Hammerfall to form an agnostic group of highly trained military individuals who would protect the king and his family. as Bit Durani grew the assignment and the needs of the group also changed and they grew into protecting the Ukinnu Prison for the Magically Adept and Criminally Insane and the Hall of Confiscated Inventions.
3000 WH
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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