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Black Left Hand

The Black Left Hand is the sister group to the Red Right Hand. Both serve King Vincent of King's Land. How the Black Left Hand differs is that they protect the king and are stealthy as their way to protect Our Majesty.


King Vincent, himself, chooses who joins the Black Left Hand as he does with the Red Right Hand. The two most important traits he looks for are loyalty and stealth. The third most important trait he looks for is suspected to be part of his insanity. King Vincent tends to choose people with black hair to be part of the Black Left Hand. 

Abilities and Tactics

As stated before, the Black Left Hand is a stealth based group that is used to protect King Vincent of King's Land. Their tactics are often assassination with blades and the dismemberment of the body. Additionally, if Our Majesty is attacked directly, arrows seemingly teleport into the necks of the assailants.
Some of the suspected Black Talons have been seen to use blood magic, create darkness, teleport within darkness, turn invisible, cast arcane magic, create volleys from single arrows, and summon shadowfell and negative plane natives. One report says that a gravewalker destroyed a town that was rioting.

Suspected Members

One Black Talon was able to be captured and interrogated. He seemed to be immune to direct magic, and scrying only gave the information that his name is George Wagner, he is not from King's Land, and he has the ability to create weapons made of shadow. No form of torture revealed any information, and George was somehow able to be killed with his throat slit while within a secret and secure cell with his hands still bound.
The following information has been gathered by spies: There are about twenty-three Black Talons. There are thirteen females, nine males, and one unknown. twenty-one of the Black Talons have black hair, one has red hair, and one has no hair. None of the Black Talons have or had families in the records of any country.
Member Title
Black Talon
Training Level
Veteran Elite

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