Kheshig were the guards of the Khans and their family in the Seccan Khanate. The word "kheshig" was used to describe both the whole formation and the individual soldiers serving in it. It said that they were recruited from the best warriors in the Khanate. Kheshigs rarely went into battle with the rest of the troops. They stayed next to the Khan guarding him.



At the height of the Khanate's power there was about 10.000 kheshigs in both the day and night guards of the Khan and his family. Apart from that every kheshig had 4 servants who included a stable hand, a tailor, a cook and a craftsman. Those people were also members of the unit and the household of the kheshig they served. Any women a kheshig took as his were considered part of his household, but not part of the unit.


Kheshigs were divided into two main groups, the day guard and the night guard. As the names imply they were rotating on guard duty between days and nights. The only time when both groups were active together was during travels.

Additionally, there were also special detachments of both day and night guards for the Khan's wife and children. In most cases, however, these were less experienced soldiers. The best were reserved for the Khan himself.


Kheshigs were active throughout the whole time the Seccan Khanate existed. In the beginning, they were only recruited from the tribe Arik Khan came from, but as the Khanate was expanding any Seccan was able to join it. The only requirement was that the soldier must have proven himself in battle. In the last years before the Falling, members of other cultures were started to be accepted into the ranks. After the Falling, the manpower of the kheshigs was lowered to just 3000 soldiers and was shrinking more as the Khanate was getting smaller.

It is said that one of the modern Seccan tribes living in eastern Pianura Secca is made up of the descendants of the kheshigs. Members of the tribe call themselves Khisin.

-300 AE
50 AF
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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