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Seccans are a human ethnic group living in the inhospitable Pianura Secca, a big plain in western Veneficia. Their main means of survival are animal husbandry, hunting and gathering.

Nomadic Lifestyle

Most Seccans are sheperds. It means that they move around the plain with their herds of sheep and goats. As the result, they don't have permanent settlements. Instead, they live in tents. A typical tent is made from a wooden frame and covered with animal skins. It is round and has a roof in the shape of half a ball. In the middle of the roof, there is a hole through which the smoke from the fireplace goes out.

Travellers of the Plain

Their nomadic lifestyle forced Seccans to learn how to navigate the plain. They have mastered navigating with the stars, wind, clouds and plants.

When you are lost, feel the wind. Almost always the way it comes from will be west and its destination will be east. You can also look at the clouds. They always travel east. During the night, look at the stars. Light of the Ancestors is the brightest star marking the north.
— Teaching navigation

People with magical abilities can use magic to navigate. They can follow the Threads of Magic to reach their destination.


Seccans worship the spirits of their ancestors. They believe that after death a person's spirit lives in the sky and watches the mortal realm. Spirits can intervene in mortal affairs. They can help people or cause them trouble. To ensure the support of the spirits every Seccan group has a shaman. Shamans are people with magical abilities who can communicate with spirits. To become a shaman, one must have magical abilities and must pass an initiation. It can take different forms, but the basic idea is to create a line of communication between the future shaman and spirits.

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The people call themselves "Pastiri" what means "sheperds" in their language. It refers to the fact that most of them lives from herding sheep and goats. Meanwhile, outsiders call them "Seccans" in reference to them living in Pianura Secca. The name means something along the lines of "dry people".

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