Bow of the First Khan

Bow of the First Khan was an important artefact in the Seccan Khanate. It belonged to Arik Khan, the unifier of the Seccan people and founder of the Khanate. It was a simple wooden recurve bow, small enough to allow for shooting from horseback.

Symbol of Power

After the death of Arik Khan, the bow was preserved with magic and was started to be used as symbol of a Khan's power. It had its own guard and went everywhere the Khan went. By the time the Khanate fell, the Bow Bearer was one of the most important roles in a Khan's court.

Shot from the Bow

Arik Khan was the only Khan who used the bow as a regular bow. Later, a Khan shooting from the bow was a symbolic act with many different meanings. When an arrow was on fire, it was a signal to attack. When shot in a presence of a foreign dignitary, it was a war declaration. It was also shot during an annual test of the Khan's fitness. It showed if the Khan was still fit to rule.


Bow of the First Khan has been lost after the fall of the Khanate. It is said that it is in a vault in Altan, the Khanate's capital. The bow is one of the artefacts people searching for Altan's ruins dream of finding.

We are close, I can feel it. Any day now, we will be in Altan looking at all its treasures. I can see all their faces when I present them with the Bow of the First Khan.
— An Explorer

Among the Seccans there are stories about finding the bow. Some people believe that whoever finds it, will become the new Khan.

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
  • Wood
  • Horse hair

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14 Jul, 2021 01:30

The addition that the person who finds the bow might become the next Khan is very interesting! I wonder if the Seccans have already found the bow after all?

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1 Aug, 2021 19:55

I like the addition about what the bow was used for after the original owner's, it adds a lot of cultural value. Does the bow have carvings or something that can help to say it's the true one, if one where to find it and try to authentify the finding ?   Happy Summercamp !