Seccan coming of age ritual

As hunting is one of the most important activities for Seccans, it should come with no surprise that their coming of age ritual is related to it. During it young boys hunt with the help of their eagles.


Preparations for the ritual start when a boy reaches the age of 15 years. Then, he receives a young eagle to take care of. Its purpose is to forge a relationship between the boy and the eagle, something that is of utmost importance when hunting.

When the boy is 17 years old, his father starts to teach him how to use a bow and track prey. The length of that period depends on how fast the boy learns.


When the boy is ready, he and his father go out to hunt. This is the actual coming of age ceremony. Before leaving the camp, the boy is blessed the tribe's shaman.

Ancestors, aid and protect this boy who begins his journey into manhood
— Shaman's blessing


During the hunt the boy has to kill at least two animals, one big and one small. He must do it alone with only his eagle to help him. The father's role is to just observe. Later the father confirms in front of the whole tribe that the boy killed the prey himself.


After the hunt, the boy takes part in preparing the animals for a feast. Usually more than one boy does his first hunt on the same day, so all of them prepare the meat together.

During the feast, the shaman gathers the boys and marks them as adults. He gives each of them an amulet made from the bones of animals they killed. Seccans believe that the amulets protect their wearers from all harm.

Let the spirit of this animal protect you from this day until your death
— Shaman
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An interesting tradition! It makes sense, since they are hunters by nature. They definitely remind me of Native Americans quite a bit! Great article.

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