Pianuran Eagle

Pianuran Eagle is a large bird of prey living in the Pianura Secca. It is an important element of the Seccan culture, who use the eagle for hunting and during their coming of age ceremonies.


It is a big bird with a wingspan between 165 and 216 cm. Its head is relatively small when compared with the rest of the body. It has a sharp beak, which is bend slightly down. Their legs have three sharply ended claws, which can be used to catch smaller pray or injure bigger animals.

Dietary needs and habits

Pianuran Eagles are carnivores and hunters. Their main source of food are small animals, such as rodents or smaller birds. However, they are also capable of hunting bigger prey. When doing that they work in a group. They attack an animal from above and injury it with their claws and beaks until it falls. Later, they all share the meat.

Domestication and Use

Pianuran Eagles have been partially domesticated by the Seccans. They keep the birds in camps and train them, but the breeding happens independently. In most cases, the birds don't have offspring while they are staying with Humans. For that reason, Seccans always release birds to the wild after a few years of using them for hunting.


Typically, every Seccan hunter has one eagle, who is under his care. Hunting can be done alone or ing groups depending on the size of prey. When an animal is close, hunter releases the eagle and it attacks the prey. If it is a small animal, the eagle kills it and brings it to the hunter. In other cases, the eagle distracts the animal while the hunter uses his bow to kill it.

Seccan hunter and his eagle are a team working like a well-oiled machine. There are no other people in the whole world who can forge such a relationship with an animal
— A Tarranoi traveller
20 years
Average Weight
About 6 kg
Average Length
60 - 89 cm
Geographic Distribution

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