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Humans are a sapient bipedal species of primates that can be found in Veneficia. They lack any special charactertistics and don't live for very long. However, they are the most common of all sapient species of Veneficia. As the result, they are the template to which all other species are compared to. The most visible sign of that is the term "humanoid". However, there is a lot of people from other species who don't accept that. For example, some Elves propose to call other species elflike ot elvenoid.

Humans. They're weak, but think they can tell others what to do just because they're everywhere.
— An elven male


All sapient species of Veneficia are a creation of all the four deities of the Elemental Quartet. Humans are not different. Petra molded them from soil. From water Aquastia made blood and other bodily fluids. Ignus put the spark of life in them. Aerus pushed the first batch of air into them.

It is said that the first Humans appeared on the island of Lachia and formed what is known today as the First Sovereignty. It existed for about 300 years before collapsing due to infighting of the nobility as the island was slowly becoming to small for the growing population.

From the island Humans started to send expeditions which were slowly colonizing other areas of Veneficia. There they met other sapient species, such as Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes. As they were exploring and settling the world, they discovered that there were other human groups. Those groups had nothing to do with the First Sovereignty.


Humans don't have a lot of biological differences. There are no human subspecies (unless you count the Touched). However, there is a lot of cultural differences between different groups of Humans. They are a result of the human migration and adaptation to new conditions.

Genetic Descendants
80 years
Average Height
176 meters
Average Weight
62 - 80 kg
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