Seccan Khanate

During the last 300 years of the Ancient Era most of the western Veneficia was under the rule of the Seccan Khans. It was formed in the year -300 AE when Arik, a tribe chief, united the tribes and proclaimed himself Khan of all Pastiri. Arik Khan expanded his rule to the whole Pianura Secca and then went to the north and west. He established an empire and built the capital city of Altan.

Great Arik Khan rode through the steppe and every man, woman and child bowed to him. When he stood at the gates of distant cities, its defenders were trembling from fear.
— A modern Seccan story


Arik Khan established a nation and governmental system, which allowed the Khanate to survive so long. He gave local power to princes known as Noyons. In most cases, they were Seccan, but sometimes they belonged to local cultures. It happened mostly in regions where the local population was very hard to subjugate. Noyons answered directly to the Khan and could be easily removed by him. They also had to pay tribute to the Khan. How much they paid depended on the population and resources of their lands. Khans were very strict in enforcing payments, which resulted in Noyons being also very strict in gathering taxes from their people. The effects of such rule can be seen to this day. Countries established on the lands which belonged to the Khanate tend to have more authoritarian rule than other countries. Among their populations democratic tendencies are also rarer than in the east.


The Khanate survived the Falling, but it was weakened. It allowed new political organisms to form on its land. Seccans were slowly pushed back to Pianura Secca, their homeland. In its reduced form the Khanate survived unit the year 50 AF. Later, for about 30 years, smaller Khanates existed on the Plain, but scarcity of resources made them fall.

Ruins of Altan

Ruins of the Khanate's capital, Altan, are said to be located somewhere in the eastern fringes of Pianura Secca, but no one has been able to find them. It is said that in the ruins there are great treasures gathered by Khans during their wars. Many expeditions depart every year to look for the city, but none are successful.


-300 AE - 50 AF

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