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Olivia's bodyguards

Olivia's role as a Priestess of Light and an idol is an important one not only for the City of Lights, but also for most people living outside of the Glow of The Tree. Thanks to the Song taught to her by The Tree, she and other people can gather some part of the Glow into containers and light sources to scare away some of the creatures. But while the others can learn her song and replicate some of its power, it truly resonates only with Olivia.   The VIP like her needs to be protected, and so, the City of Lights and some other factions, that depend on her work, sent their best people, creating a pretty big team of bodyguards. Olivia's bodyguard team consists of both men and women.  

Daily routine

During non-concert days, 6 bodyguards chosen beforehand accompany Olivia wherever she goes, with at least two more serving as undercover scouts and spotters of any danger.
During the concert or festival days, the number of her bodyguards can double or triple.  


All of Olivia's bodyguards are specialists in both close-quarter-combat as well as in using various firearms and weapons. At least a few of them are capable of using Songs in an offensive or supportive way, either to gain an advantage against the possible attackers or to make the escape easier.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
To become one of Olivia's bodyguards, one needs to be appointed by their faction to be one. Next, one's credentials and trustworthiness of their faction are checked by people Olivia knows she can trust.

Isn't it overkill?

During her time of fame as an idol and Priestess of Light, Olivia has been approached by many people. And while some of them might have been some creepy fans that needed to be scared off by her fans, there really wasn't any incident that would require for her to have so many protectors. No attempts on her life, no crazy stalkers, no dangerous gifts. So why does she have so many bodyguards?   While there may be no answer to that, many just guess that it was a "PR stunt" by factions that wanted to look good.

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