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The Tree

The Tree, the plant, the spirit, the protector and the god of The Pit.
As everyone heard in their dreams a few months ago, it has soothing, motherly\fatherly (depending on the person) voice calling people to go to it.   In the year of Awakening it was only a giant seed, now, 15 years later, a "small" tree.
Its speed of growth varies, depending on unknown conditions.
It is believed that when it grows completely, it will be possible to go to it, and whoever will be worthy and reaches its crown first, will have their dream come true. (as said in the fairytale, The Spirit's Wish).
But for now it is completely ethereal and any attempts to reach it met with failure.

Purpose / Function

It has been observed that the presence of The Tree gives life to everything and everyone in The Pit.
Moving far away from it in any direction brings many negative effects on living beings.
First, there is exhaustion, then the decrease in body temperature and finally, death caused by cardiac arrest.   The cycles of growth of The Tree are used as a measure of time (there are six months-seasons in Tree Calendar - Budding, Leafs, Flowers, Fruits, Leaf-Fall and Dream) by the people living in The Pit.   Parts of the Tree that fall of from it (during seasons other than Leaf-Fall and Dream), such as branches and leaves are used in the creation of Tree Weapons.  

Shine of the Tree

As it has been noticed, a big part of the Pit is covered by the light the Tree produces.
This light has some unique properties.
First, it creates an artificial cycle of day and night inside the Pit, and most living beings (even plants) function as if they were on the surface thanks to it.
As such, outside of the area covered in this shine, the plants grow way slower (some can't even grow there), and humans not accustomed to the lack of light can suffer from disorders related to disruption of the natural flow of their internal clocks.
Sadly, the faster growth also applies to things of supernatural origin, as the growth rate of the Jungle and Red Sea skyrocketed once they entered area of the shine.
  Additionally, it has been observed that most beasts can't stand the glow of the Tree, and the closer there is to the Tree, the fewer numbers of beasts show up (however the radius of the glow decreases each year)


As it was found in the records in Book of Blueprints, as the Tree grows, the more structures grow out of it.
Pathways, temples, and corridors completely made out of wood and leaves can be seen when the Tree reaches its maturity.   During Flowers, its branches are covered in multi-colored blossoms, which later start to fall and cover all lower layers of The Pit.
Season later, the same thing happens with fruits not seen anywhere else that the Tree grows.
During Leaf-Fall all leaves change their color. They also lose their toughness, which creators of Tree Weapons seek.
During Dream, the glow of the Tree dims and the whole Pit gets darker and colder.
Alternative Names
The Great Mother\Father, The Tree of Life, The Light in The Pit
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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